Great Middle Eastern food in Manhattan


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Lunch Menu

Specials served with mesclun salad or soup

Chicken breast sautéed with swiss chard, peppers onion $10.00
Tagine morrocan beef stew simmered with tomatoes and olives $12.50
Grilled prime ribeye steak with potatoes $18.00
Grilled mixed kebab on rice $12.50
Grilled chicken on rice $10.00
Grilled Beef kebab on rice $10.00
Lamb or chicken with swiss chard, beans in garlic broth with rice $12.00
Chicken curry or coriander with rice $10.00
Vegetable curry or coriander with rice $10.00
Combination of Mediterranean plates
Choose three of the following: Mesculin salad, fettoush, babaganouj, falafel, hommos, cheese stuffed grape leaves, spinach pie, yougurt with cucumbers
Mesculin salad $7.00
Tabbuli $7.00
Babaganouj $7.00
Falafel $7.00
Hommos $7.00
Cheese stuffed grape leaves $7.00
Spinach pie $7.00
Yougurt with cucumbers $7.00
Side order: grilled chicken or kufta $3.50
Side order: merguez $3.50
Salam special combination hommos, babaganouj, stuffed grape leaf, spianch pie, falafel, salad $9.00
SMALL PLATES with pita, small salad and tahini
Grilled beef $7.50
Grilled merquez sausages $8.00
Grilled chicken kebab $6.50
Grilled lamb burger (house ground lamb) $8.00
SALADS Mixed green tabbuli fetoush $7.00